Hello everyone,

Here are some announcements about what is going on inside the Jimmy Kelley Digital Community:

Announcement 1: Mr. X New Videos and Content:

There are some new training additions to the Mr. X SEO Exclusive Training area added today.

- Video FAQ Answers from Mr. X SEO! 8/27/2017)


Mr. X Questions and Answer from our Exclusive Members:

Q: How do I get properties like Alexa and Inc.com indexed properly.

Q: How do I set up a Link.com profile?

Q: Can you give us more details on why and how to rank Google images?

Q: What is the exact AHref score I should look for when getting a back link?

Q: And more . . .

- Also uploaded to the Mr. X Training Area:

Special JKD Exclusive Services and Price Offers to Mr. X Members which includes:

The JKD "Squidoosh" Traffic Ranking Service (As Taught at JKD Live 2017)

( If you are not currently a member of Mr. X you may find out more at http://www.MrXSEO.com )

Announcement 2: The Z9 Amazon Tracker Software is Launching!

If you are an Amazon Seller, you will probably be interested in our software launching in September called Z9 Amazon Tracker.

The lower cost beta will be open to a limited number of people. To sign up for the mailing list, please subscribe to the free updates area here:


Get signed up for the Discounted Beta if you are an Amazon seller

Our team has been working on this for several months. Please tell other Amazon sellers about what is coming, as nothing like this has ever been coded before.

The JKD Team