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Hello everyone.

We have not sent you an email update for many months.

This silence is because of Jimmy's secret SEO project with a company called Locafy.

Because of NDAs and other agreements, even JKD staff members have only recently been allowed to discuss this project. When Jimmy showed us the full power of this new SEO ranking technology, my mind was utterly blown.

To give you an idea of how much power is now available for you, think of it like this; add every JKD ranking technology we have ever released over the last ten years, put it all together, and multiply it by 100.

It really is that good.

And before this project gets public attention, we want you to have special JKD membership pricing and access.

Some of you may not have heard that Locafy recently acquired Jimmy Kelley Digital.

In this case, change is very good.

I can’t think of a better SEO 'power move' than the blend of these two companies - JKD and Locafy. The advanced SEO technologies created by both companies have also merged for your benefit. This new blend of SEO 'tech and team' makes it possible for you to be a part of a new opportunity we never thought possible.

There is much more to the story - too much to tell in a single email. So it's webinar time.

We will break Jimmy's long silence with an upcoming free webinar where Jimmy Kelley and the rest of the team will talk openly about this new opportunity.

Even if you have already talked to someone from Locafy, it is important that you are on this webinar so you can get all of the details from Jimmy personally.

During this event, we will reveal the future of the JKD organization and the 'extreme' opportunity it provides for longtime JKD students, friends, and family.

Jimmy has an audio announcement that I KNOW you will want to hear. You must sign up and log in to the free member’s area called: JKD Legacy Member's Benefits. You will find his rare update inside the training area after you enroll:


We created this new member’s area so that we will know that you are interested in continuing with us on this amazing journey with Locafy. It is a place we will update you about all the special training and technology we have in store for our longtime faithful members.


Even though we have been silent, we have not stopped thinking about you. We simply could not talk about the stuff Jimmy has been working on. When you join the webinar and see what it is, you will understand why we could not talk about it.

The Jimmy Kelley Digital and Locafy Team

Update: 11/03/2022

Doors Open: Please reserve your national keyword ranking ASAP

Hello everyone.

Hundreds of you have contacted us asking how to reserve a spot inside Jimmy Kelley's Search Engine Optimization Mastermind Academy. Thank you for patiently waiting for the pricing details and the included software.

Jimmy was unhappy with what we offered on the webinar, so he scrapped that offer and sweetened the deal. The team came up with an 'Everything-Already-Included' pricing offer. You can find out about it here for a limited time:


Those of you we have spoken with directly on the phone have been immensely helpful in providing feedback about what you would LOVE to see included for every SEOMA mastermind member.

Here is your overall wishlist:

  • You want a 'Large' Locafy SEO package for local organic rankings to be used as you see fit. And you want Jimmy Kelley to teach you how to use it. So, we have upgraded the 'Small' to a 'Large.'
  • You want a 'Large' Locafy Map ranking package for local clients included in your monthly membership price. You also want Jimmy to teach you how to use it. So, we have upgraded the 'Small' to a 'Large.'
  • But you ALSO want Jimmy's Locafy 'National' keyword ranking technology called KEYSTONE included without any additional cost in all membership levels for an extended trial period. Really? Lol. So, amazingly, Jimmy and Gavin have removed any additional fees for 90 days - only for JKD-Locafy SEO Mastermind Members.

Why did we 'alter the deal' so much in your favor? The addition of the KEYSTONE 'National' keyword ranking technology surprised me a lot.

It is important to remember that Jimmy authentically wants our friends, family, and long-time JKD customers to go with us to the next stage of our SEO journey. He has also expressed that he would like our small group to have access to the most effective SEO technology and process our team has ever seen.

Our team commitment is to make sure that you 10X your SEO Agency earnings by knowing EXACTLY how to execute multiple 'Page-1' SEO rankings predictably and repeatably. Using Jimmy's step-by-step instructions and the arsenal of Locafy SEO tools we just added to your membership area, you should be able to scale in ways most SEOs are not dreaming of right now. If you are not an agency, you should use the Gold package to rank your business website and map listings while increasing your area's phone calls and overall rankings. Or, learn from Jimmy how to rank your website for a national term using KEYSTONE (included).

Again, a clear 'Everything-Included' offer is provided inside the free area here:


As some of you know, I have been in the SEO business for over ten years, have operated multiple SEM companies, and have seen a lot of SEO technology claims. I am so sure you will want to join us that I will leave my Skype handle and business phone number below. If you have any questions at all, reach out by text.

As a final word, the National SEO Ranking product free trial, KEYSTONE, requires that you RESERVE your keyword in advance - only after you sign up for the Mastermind Package that is right for you. So when you pull the trigger and join the private mastermind, please let us know immediately so we can get you chosen 'National Keyword' reserved to rank. This way, our team can cross that keyword off the list for availability, and nobody else can access that keyword in your country.

To provide you with the absolute best SEO mentoring and onboarding service, we will limit membership to at most 80 Mastermind students and shut the door until Jimmy and Gavin decide to open them again. We expect to be one-third full shortly, so please take action or contact me to let me know you are ready to commit.

You can reach me on Skype (for now) here:


You may join the temporary Skype waiting room here (open until November 30):


You may TEXT me at the number below. And if you are an SEO Mastermind Academy Member, you may CALL me. But it is best to reach out by text first:


I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Russell Wright and the JKD-Locafy Team

Your Instructor

Jimmy Kelley
Jimmy Kelley

Jimmy Kelley is a highly accomplished SEO expert that brought Domain Authority Stacking (DAS) to the market. Along with many other techniques Jimmy is an expert in Local, National and international rankings as well as penatly recovery on websites within Google and Other Search engines.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jimmy's Secret SEO Project?
Over the last couple of years, Jimmy has been working on a Secret SEO Project with a company owned by Gavin Burnett called Locafy. This membership area will discuss the full scope of this SEO project and how you can benefit from this intense vision.
How do JKD members benefit from Locafy's acquisition of JKD?
Jimmy wants to ensure loyal JKD members benefit from the new technology and business transition to Locafy. You are special to us, and we are working to provide you with unique privileges and training unavailable to the general public and larger corporations.
Will Jimmy Kelley continue to provide SEO training?
Yes. Jimmy will provide some of the world's most advanced SEO training in partnership and collaboration with Locafy. You will access unique training and technology assets as a current JKD member.

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