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Hello and thank you for your interest in additional JKD Training. 

If you want to talk to a JKD staff member about a program that is right for you please contact Russell on Skype at: 

Here is a quick summary. 

The free content for how to best structure your site is here: 

Please watch both of Jimmy’s videos in that location. Even if you do not want to purchase a Green Arrow, you will learn how to properly structure a website so that you will get Green Arrow in Serpbook right out of the gate if your site is structured or restructured in this way: 

Video: How to Maximize Your Green Arrow Rankings! 


Video: Additional Optimization Per Some Student Requests

More advanced monthly membership training:

We have some of the most advanced site structure training in the world. It is not dripped out, you will get all of it at once - but we do have monthly webinars for some of the training modules:

JKD 2020: SEO Training to Rank for Local and National Keywords: 

On-Page Lessons - Preparations for 2019 - 2021:

Webinar 1: Basic Introduction to the Traffic Ranking Method and Software (Webinar on October 19th):: GQueues

Webinar 3: The Manual Traffic Ranking Method = PART 1 (Webinar on November 20):: GQueues

Webinar 4: The Manual Method = PART 2 - **Table of Contents Hashtag/Bookmark Method** :: GQueues

Webinar 5: The Manual Traffic Ranking Method = PART 3 **Table of Contents Link Shortener Method **:: GQueues

Webinar 6: On-page Optimization with Image and Video Interlinking and Some Schema:: GQueues

Webinar 7: More On-Page Google Link Shortener Magic with Tonni and Jimmy:: GQueues

Webinar 8: Schema and Traffic PART 1 :: GQueues

 Webinar 9: Schema and Traffic PART 2 (With Keyword Density Training):: GQueues

Webinar 10: Question Based Schema and AMP Optimization Part 1 :: GQueues

Webinar 11: Question Based Schema and AMP Optimization Part 2 :: GQueues

Entity Establishment Basic Course

If you are interested in understanding how the new Google Artificial Intelligence “Entity Establishment” environment works - join the basic Entity Establishment training area. Nothing like this exists on the web, and some of the most well-known SEO’s in the world are following this training 

The Entity Establishment Mastermind Training

The largest training package we have, which includes a very exclusive “live Skype community” where Jimmy Kelley, Daryl Osborne and other JKD staff members are present to guide you through many Entity Establishment processes and mysteries:

This ongoing mastermind is “interview only” so please go here if you are interested: 

If you have any questions at all, on any of these offers, please contact Russell on skype:  

The JKD Team