Here are some frequently asked questions about the JKD 'Squidoosh' Traffic Ranking Service?

Do You Offer This Service Outside of the United States?

We only offer this service inside the United States at this time.

What Is the JKD 'Squidoosh' Traffic Ranking Service?

This is a done for you service that was taught at Jimmy Kelley Live 2017. If you were there, you know what it is. If you were not there, you are not supposed to know what it is. Suffice it to say, the method is evergreen, futureproof and allows you to rank a website without using any backlinks, because it uses only traffic.

Who Is Qualified to Purchase the JKD 'Squidoosh' Traffic Ranking Service?

As of 8/29/2017, you must be a member of the following exclusive and elite JKD membership areas in order to purchase this service:

- The Mr. X SEO Linkbuilding Training Course

- The JKD 2017 Live Group

- The Pushbutton Mastermind Group

If you are not a member of one of these training areas, you will not be able to access this service at this time, including the discounted price.

What Training is Required To Implement This Service?

None. You will sign up, pay, and we will provide you with a simple proprietary snippet of code that you will need to place inside the html code of the website that you would like ranked. We will hand that to you on skype when your account is prepared by our technical team.

Do I Have to Implement Your Snippet of Code In Order To Purchase the JKD Squidoosh Service?

No. We do have a version that is less effective that does not require that you use our snippet of code. We strongly recommend that you use the advanced method. The code-free method is less expensive.

Is the JKD Squidoosh Method Safe?

Extremely. We have tested this service over a wide range of websites in a variety of competitive markets. It works amazingly well, and is amazingly safe.

How Long Does This Service Take to Rank My Website?

It depends upon the keywords, competitive nature of the niche or market for which you would like to rank. Generally speaking, local keywords and related long tails have seen the major movements start within 30 days and really start to 'snap into the top 5 positions within 45 days.

National keywords and websites have a higher pricepoint with this service. Again, this depends upon the competition and the current ranking of your website when you begin this service.

Do I Need To Be Ranked Well Already in Google In Order To Get Results?

You will get results even if you are not currently listed in the top 5 pages of Google, but you will obviously get faster results if you are ranked higher in the search engine results. This service is designed to help you deal with those 'problem keywords' that just wont get on the first page of Google. We do not guaranteed

How Many Keywords May We Add To A Single Site Project?

You may add 3 keyword terms - a main term plus two additional related long tail terms.

Should I Track My Own Rankings for My Project Keyword Terms?

Yes, when your project begins, you should be tracking your progress. We are also watching your ranking progress, but do not automatically provide detailed reporting for your keywords at this time. You can use a service like SERPBook to do this.

How Often Will I Be Billed For This Service?

You will be billed monthly, in a 30 days cycle on the day that you sign up and pay until you add more websites, or cancel.

Do You Give Refunds?

This service works if you follow our installation instructions properly. You must also allow the time needed for it to take effect as discussed above. Setting you up and pushing your site costs us money. We cannot provide refunds for resources that we have used in order to move your website. If you are unsure about using this service, please don't. This is why we provide it to member's only who are familiar with the effectiveness of the service.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you are in Mr. X SEO Training, you will need to go to the following Special Offer Area to fill out your form:

Mr. X JKD Squidoosh Special Offer

If you are in the PushButton Mastermind Group, you will need to go to the following Special Offer Area to fill out your form:

PushButton MM Special Offer

If You Are In The JKD Live 2017 Group, check your offer here:

JKD Live Special Offer

Got More Questions? We can answer them on Skype. We will answer more questions here as they come in.

Can I Purchase a Subscription for More Than One Site?

Yes. You may add or remove multiple sites to and from your subscription. If you are an agency, and you need an independent billing solution for specific clients, please contact us privately, we may be able to help.

I Am A Large Agency. May I Purchase Site Large Numbers of Subscriptions A Discount?

We are willing to discuss large agency packages and a slightly lower cost.

Got More Questions? We can answer them on Skype. We will answer more questions here as they come in.

The System Is Working Great to Rank My Site! How Long Do I Need To Keep Paying For This Service?

This depends upon many factors. If you are getting your own traffic because we have helped you rank higher, you may have been 'kick-started' by our service and not need it any more. There is no way for you to know this unless you discontinue the service. You can always sign up again if your ranking starts to slip. If your visitors do not enjoy your site or click on your headlines, that is something you will need to deal with yourself. Engagement is becoming more of a ranking factor every day that goes by. Do everything you can to increase it on your end. We strongly recommend that you do not discontinue the service prematurely. We recommend giving a minimum of 2 months for best results.

What Is The Tier 1 Traffic Boost That You Include with Every Site Subscriptions?

(coming soon)